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To get your permit or license in Missouri, you must pass a 25-question written exam as well as a separate road signs exam. The multiple-choice knowledge test will be based on the Missouri Driver's Guide for 2021 and will include questions about road scenarios, traffic penalties, road signs, driving while intoxicated, and licensing limits. If you need to take the Missouri driver's road sign test, then the detailed guide below contains all you need to familiarize yourself with the test.

What is a Road Sign Test in Missouri?

The Missouri Traffic Sign Test is a written exam administered by the Missouri Division of Motor Vehicles to examine your understanding of road laws and regulations.

Fill & Download the Free Road Signs Form

Information Required on Road Sign Test in Missouri?

The written test will cover the following topics, regardless of the state you are applying for your permit in:

1. Basic Driving Techniques and Traffic Laws

  • Passing, Signaling, and Turning
  • Stopping, parking, or standing
  • Rotaries/Roundabouts
  • The Right-of-Way
  • Speed
  • Vehicle placement/spacing
  • Other rules of the road
Fill & Download the Free Road Signs Form

2. Taking the Road Together

  • Bicycles, pedestrians, school buses, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles (RVs)...

3. Driving Defensively/Safety

  • Protective gear
  • Driving defensively
  • Driving while distracted
  • Hazardous weather (fog, rain, snow, construction zones...)
Fill & Download the Free Road Signs Form

4. Special Situations/Emergencies

  • Crashes/Collisions
  • Brake failure, squeaky brakes, and a stuck gas pedal...

5. Markings, Signals, and Signs

  • Signals in the Road
  • Signs along the Road
  • Markings on the Road

Road Sign Test in Missouri Instructions

A new Missouri resident who has an out-of-state driver license or non-driver ID that is valid or has not been expired for more than 184 days must present the following documents:

  • Identification Proof;
  • Legal Status Start Date;
  • Legal Status End Date;
  • Legal Status Start Date;
  • Legal Status Start Date and a copy of your Social Security card;
  • Proof of residence in Missouri is required.

NOTE:A new application for a REAL ID-compliant document, a Commercial Driver License, or a Commercial Learner's Permit must present two approved papers as verification of Missouri residency and domicile.

If your current name differs from the one on your identification or legal status certificate, you will need to provide additional documentation to prove an alternate postal address or name change. Cash, personal check, cashier's check, money order, and credit or debit cards are all acceptable forms of payment (Discover, American Express, VISA, and MasterCard, only).

Payable to the Missouri Department of Revenue, personal checks are required. The check writer's name, address, bank code, and account number must all be preprinted on personal checks. The following information about the check writer must also be included on the personal check:

  • Number of a driver's license or a non-identification driver's card
  • Your date of birth
  • Phone number

The Missouri Department of Revenue can resubmit checks that have been returned due to inadequate or uncollected amounts electronically. If your out-of-state or non-licensed driver is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can submit a current Clearance Letter from that state, or another affidavit of lost license that includes the out-of-state license number, expiration date, classification, endorsements, and restrictions to waive the Missouri road test sign.

NOTE: If you are renewing your driver's license, take the aforementioned papers with you to an MSHP driver examination station when you take the road sign test.

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